A Good Deal

2017-01-29 16:25:44 by urbfilms

Hey guys, I made a new cartoon, watch it here:

I spent about the last month on it, but I hope you guys like it. 

It's actually based on a true story. I was at a Panera bakery, and the dude wouldn't let me leave without buying some soup. Like jesus dude, what was he thinking, amirite? 

I started this animation during early december, but 1 and a half months of production isn't that long when I think about it.

In addition, I also did another thing that was released this week. It was released by Cheetoh:

I was part of the Leap Frog collab. I got the very last spot of the video, so yeah, that's pretty cool.

Oh, also, I posted a video to my Youtube page last week. 

I got a copyright claim on a Harlem Shake video I made back in the day. So then I made a video about it. It's a good time, you should watch it.

So that's it from me, have a lovely day!

Also remember to watch The Emoji Movie in theaters this summer


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