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Hey boys and girls, are you ready for a little update?? Well I got one for you.

I released a cartoon a couple days back by the name of Magic Isn't Real. I (somehow) got three cool people to help me with the voices. I got TheOdd1sOut, TimTom, and Dayonder to voice act one character each.

Well, for some reason, some people liked it enough to give it a good rating, and I got Daily 2nd, which I'm super pumped about. I've never gotten ranked so high before, my record before this was Daily 3rd for Be More Edgy, which was over a year ago holy moly.

It's also my birthday today. I don't feel any older, but whatever. At least I got Daily 2nd on my birthday.


I'm gonna be starting a summer job soon, so that means less animation time, but I'm gonna try my hardest to get things out on NG.

I dunno, my goal is to not have any droughts on Newgrounds, YT, or anything else for the rest of summer, which'll be dificult, but not impossible. Maybe I'll experiment with longer formed content? Podcasting? But I'm not interesting to listen to. I dunno I'll figure something out.

A Good Deal

2017-01-29 16:25:44 by urbfilms

Hey guys, I made a new cartoon, watch it here:

I spent about the last month on it, but I hope you guys like it. 

It's actually based on a true story. I was at a Panera bakery, and the dude wouldn't let me leave without buying some soup. Like jesus dude, what was he thinking, amirite? 

I started this animation during early december, but 1 and a half months of production isn't that long when I think about it.

In addition, I also did another thing that was released this week. It was released by Cheetoh:

I was part of the Leap Frog collab. I got the very last spot of the video, so yeah, that's pretty cool.

Oh, also, I posted a video to my Youtube page last week. 

I got a copyright claim on a Harlem Shake video I made back in the day. So then I made a video about it. It's a good time, you should watch it.

So that's it from me, have a lovely day!

Also remember to watch The Emoji Movie in theaters this summer

Ay dudes what's up, I'm back from the dead to write this post.

So I didn't really do much this year in terms of animation. Like always. But I'll list some things from 2016 I did below.


First up is Be More Edgy.

I really worked hard on this, and I think it's pretty good. It got Daily 3rd, and a lot of people saw it, so hey that's pretty cool.


Next up is a video I made for Youtube, but didn't post onto Newgrounds:

Romeo and Juliet is Weird

This was a review I made on Romeo and Juliet, the play. I didn't make this for school or anything, I just thought that the play was dumb, and wanted to put shakespeare in his place and stuff him in a locker.

I didn't post it on Newgrounds because it doesn't really qualify as an animation, it's more or less a slideshow, you know what I mean?


After this, I made another animation, Wall Street Boyz

I watched the trailer for the Wolf of Wall Street, then I watched that one Futurama episode where that one 80s Wall Street guy becomes CEO of Planet Express. And then I watched the Big Short (a movie about Wall Street), and after that I decided that the heaven and stars were lining up and Jezus himself was telling me to make a cartoon about wall street. 

So then I made a cartoon about Wall Street.

My brothers really liked the cartoon, I think I (generally) did a good job with smooth animation, although I look at some scenes and feel like I could have animated it better.

Next up is Eulogy to Vine

I swear to god this was relevant when I animated it.

I mean, this isn't even worth mentioning. The video has only one joke (can you guess it? It's 6 seconds long), but whatever. It only took me a day to make (I spent all day animating it because I was afraid that the joke was gonna die out if I slacked off and released it the next couple of days).

Finally is Decision 2016

By the way, I released this cartoon before election day, which is a miracle.

This was another topical video I made. The only difference is that this cartoon isn't 6 seconds long. I like this cartoon, and it took me like a week to do, so that's cool. 

Not many people saw the cartoon, but I don't care (I care immensely)

So, the question that I know none of your are asking: what's next for 2017? I dunno, I have no plans, I haven't had any plans since 2012 cuz I thought the world was gonna end.

Just kidding, I have a cartoon that I've been animating since May this year, I'm gonna try to finish sometime in 2017. It's turning out to be a beast. I'm thinking it's gonna be somewhere near five minutes long, and I've only animated 3.5 minutes. I also have a short animation, somewhere around a minute, that I'm currently working on right now. I'm animating with simplistic characters, so I can get a lot of animation done per day. Finally I'm working on a slideshow-like video (similar to the Romeo and Juliet thing) that I'm once again gonna put on Youtube.

So yeah. 3 videos confirmed for 2017 everybody. (Like you care)


Ok, have a nice rest of year everybody, here's to a great 2017!


The Wall Street Boyz

2016-08-09 16:42:59 by urbfilms

Hello Newgrounds friends! I posted a new video! Currently, l'm working on a very long cartoon, but I set aside a couple weeks to work on this:

It's called The Wall Street Boyz. It's a dumb 'ol cartoon about the day of your typical stereotypical Wall Street executive. It's actually based off a short comic I drew once. 

This cartoon is nothing spectacular, but I hope you enjoy it! Until next time.

Hi everybody! I just uploaded a video onto Youtube. It's a review of Romeo and Juliet (the book) that I did for some reason. You can watch it below if you care enough:

I decided not to post it onto Newgrounds because it hardly qualifies as an animation. 

In other news, I'm still working on my next cartoon, which should come out soon (not really). 

Until next time, folks!

Be More Edgy

2016-03-20 11:04:25 by urbfilms

Hey guys I made a thing:

I hope you enjoy it. I've been working on this cartoon for the past 9 months (because school started back up), so I personally am sick of seeing it, and I'm glad it's out of my face. But I hope that you enjoy it! That would be cool!

Anyways, see you guys in 9 more months when I'm done with the next cartoon!


2015-06-30 01:54:53 by urbfilms

Hey everybody! I posted a new cartoon! It's called Existential, and you can watch it here:

It got me the Daily Fourth, and I guess now I can make Front Page posts, but anyways, I tried to do several new things with this animation. I added way more sound effects than I usually add, and I tried to experiment more with colors, shading, and movements. I really like how it turned out! Also, I guess this cartoon provoked some deep thinking about the human condition, and that wasn't necessarilly intended effect, but hey, I think it's cool that a cartoon could do that!

As for things I could improve on, I think I could use a little more work with lip sync, I'm not a master at shading yet, and I'm also gonna continue working on my movements a bit more.

So bottom line, I'm happy with this cartoon, I'm extremely happy I got Daily 4th, but there's still some more work to be done!

See you guys next cartoon!

NATA Retrospective

2015-06-24 01:30:07 by urbfilms

Woah, I've been animating for 8 hours so far today, and I just need a break, so I think I'll just do a blog post to take my mind off of things. Let's talk about NATA 2015. This was my third attempt at NATA, and I created this cartoon:

4437727_143512144993_Thumbnail.jpgIt's called Ten Amazing Facts About Me, and it was a parody of vloggers and what not. Well, I didn't make it into the Novice Round, which I understand because there were a LOT of great entries. I suppose I'll just try again next year. Now, there are a lot of things that I'm proud of, and there's also a lot of things that I'm not proud of with this animation. . . 

What I'm Proud of:

1.) My ability to make this cartoon relatively quickly: I released this on the 13th of June, and the deadline was the 18th. And I also had twelve tests. (Since I registered to my new school way too late, I got placed in weird elective classes and had to take seven extra tests.)

2.) I experimented a little bit with this cartoon: There were some shots that I didn't think I could do, such as the main character taking off his shirt, or him putting on "nerd" glasses, but I just said "screw it" and did it anyways. 

3.) I changed the script multiple times when animating: This can be a good and a bad, but I'm glad I changed the script to make it funnier.

What I'm Not Proud of:

1.) Some bits of the voice acting were corny, as I wanted to animate as soon as possible, so I voice acted the cartoon myself.

2.) I wish I spent more time animating some scenes. Geez, I had five extra days after I finished animating. 

3.) The whole joke in this cartoon was that the facts took a dark turn in the middle. Well, it took a long time to get to the joke, so for half of the animation, the main character was all goofy and silly, and I think half of the animation might have been too long.

4.) I wish I didn't go with a simplistic art style.

5.) The fact that some of my animation idols saw this cartoon. (This is probably not the cartoon I want them to remember me by...) 


Now, to conclude this blog post, I can say that the fact that I cringe at this animation just shows that I'm improving. So here's to hoping I'll get into the Novice Round next year [after four years(that's as long as a presidential term)]!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, even though I'm not THAT proud of this cartoon, I'm glad that I created it. The cartoon has also brought a lot of good things to my Newgrounds page! It has gotten me a couple new followers, and it's my highest rated cartoon I've posted on Newgrounds! And you can give it a watch here:

So yeah. Until next time, guys!

OH YEAH, BY THE WAY, I'm gonna make an effort to be in every Sarcastic Collab this year, so yeah. It'll help my Newgrounds page be somewhat active.

I Ate It + Realistic Man's Journey

2015-05-02 23:50:18 by urbfilms

             Been a while since I've made a long-formed post, huh? Well let me fill you guys in on the basics. I released a new video, like, last month, but I didn't feel motivated to make a post about it at all until now. It's called I Ate It.


This is me eating something.

Last time I checked, it had about two-and-a-half stars (a very impressive thing to say to all the ladies), but I really thought that would be the case. The reason why is that the video was all part of a series I usually make for YouTube,  meaning that it's designed for a YouTube audience. This is part of a series where, when I feel like it, I tell stories to a microphone alone in my room in the hopes that I'll one day try stand up comedy and face my fears of standing in front of a crowd. These videos don't take long to make, but to pump these videos out fast, I have to accomadate, as they're usually not fully animated, but I just do the key-poses. If it was fully animated, then I would be finished with this next year becuase it's eight and a half minutes long. Now, this sorta thing goes by fine on YouTube, but I decided to put it on my Newgrounds page, however, it wasn't that well recieved, which I get. It's less animation, and I'm not that great at telling stories yet. So if you leave a bad review on my videos, then that's fine. I usually get why. I'll take it in as constructive critisism. Unless you're talking about [insert a famous person here] riding a unicycle into outer space. Then I'll take it in as you needing psychological help, but it's okay. You can talk to me. You can tell me anything. 

Until next time guys, stay smart! Don't start! 

Oh yeah, here's the video, if you wanna see it, or something:


I'm a week late, but happy Pico Day, guys! Happy to see Newgrounds two decades old! That's older than I am! WOW! Next year, Newgrounds will be old enough to drink alcohol! (Unless it decides to drink in another country.) I didn't make anything for this Pico Day, but I'll probably do something for it next year. Newgrounds has been taking up tabs on my computer for nine years now (not as Urbfilms, though), so I want to pay tribute for my ten years for being on the site!

Okay, now I'm done!


Edit: (5/3/15)

Oh, jeez guys, this looks bad on my part...

I released a new cartoon, didn't even make a newspost about it, and forgot that I posted it on Newgrounds. Well, it's called Realistic Man's Journey (Realistic Man's Emotional Journey on YouTube) and it's probably one of my favorite cartoons that I've ever made. Okay, you can watch it here on Newgrounds:

I finished this in a month, which I usually never do on purpose, so yeah. Okay. I'm done.

See you guys later.

Demotivational Speaker

2014-12-16 18:40:28 by urbfilms

Woah guys, guess what! I released a new animation! It's called Demotivational Speaker! 

Hi thereThe feeling I get whenever I finish a cartoon is really rad, and I hope to finish more cartoons at a quicker rate! Now, it took me seven months to make this one minute cartoon. That's probably really hard to believe. Well, I moved across the country, I'm currently in school, and I generally don't have that much time to animate, BUT NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR EXCUSES, AMIRIGHT? Well anyways, here's proof that I started about 6 1/2 months ago:

4437727_141877205053_Nuhgrunds.JPGI didn't get a chance to work on this everyday, but I hope to have more time for animating in the future.

Well anyways, if you want to know some fun facts, here ya go:

1.) The original ending was a lot less funny. The principal is just confronting the speaker, and says that he's not going to pay the speaker, but the speaker steals the money. However, I went on a walk, and the idea for the ending that you saw just popped into my head.


2.) I listened to a lot of stand up comedy while writing/animating this. That's pretty much what inspired the "different" type of humor that this cartoon had.


3.) 3.14159265358979323846264 (That was from my head, I didn't look it up) (Also, I know how unimpressive it is, every girl has told me that).

4.) Since Dog Expert got overwhelmingly positive reception from my family members (not on newgrounds though. [insert sad face here]), I decided to make Demotivational Speaker in a simalar style, while trying to make it inspired by stand up comedy.

Okay, that's it folks! See ya in 7* more months!





*That was a joke. **

**Or was it?